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Tracy's Auto Body
Quality Repair Since 1986

Automotive Painting and Refinishing

At Tracy's Auto Body we use PPG water based paints. This paint not only looks good on your vehicle but is also much better for the environment than traditional solvent based paint.  After we repair or replace the damaged panels, we first match the color of your car with the special paint code for each vehicle using our computerized matching system. We compare the paint code color to the paint on your vehicle making any necessarily changes to insure that the color match is perfect. 

After we match the color, we cover the entire car and  spray the area with in one of our two Nova Verta down draft paint booths. These both clean any dirt out of the air to leave a factory quality finish.  After spraying we bake the paint at over 140 degrees to cure the paint in less than an hour. 

The refinishing product that we use is very expensive because it has to match factory quality paint that is on the rest of the vehicle. For this reason we do not usually preform complete paint jobs unless the entire vehicle is damage, like if hail damage has occurred. We also after a Lifetime Warranty on all paint work. If the area we refinished ever fades or peels we will correct the problem. Please note that the warranty does not cover any additional damage to the area and does not make those panels bullet proof.